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About us

@Work In Fashion we believe it doesn't matter where you work or what you do, what matters to us is HOW you do it.

@WorkInFashion.me is not a blog simply about making clothes. It is a lifestyle publication designed to be a platform for professionals who are forging ahead in their careers – but who do so with style. @Work In Fashion we believe it doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, what matters to us is HOW you do it.

@WorkInFashion.me invites you to share with us your tastes, daily triumphs and your thoughts. The work we publish focuses on fashion, culture and the arts.

What is fashion for?

My reason for establishing @WorkInFashion.me as an initiative is based entirely upon this question.  It is time to re-educate the masses on the meaning of ‘fashion’. Taken from the latin ‘Facere’ – the word literally means “to do or to make”. The wonderful thing about the human race is our power to create. We all have it and we express our creativity in different ways.

I believe that everyone has a unique narrative. One that they control entirely with its different flavours, rhythms, textures and origins. As a curator of all things aesthetic and functional I wanted to create a platform that enabled others to share their narratives – independently of the censored – heavily edited and photoshopped storyline that is force-fed to the masses via the newsstands every month.

You don’t have to be a size zero glamazon to subscribe to the @WorkInFashion.me ethos. Come as you are but just remember this one thing: Jobs, businesses and commerce will come and go. Make sure you are a brand that lasts forever.

Yasmin Jones-Henry