The End of Fast Fashion? EU Commission Launches Sustainable Textiles Strategy

“Fast Fashion is poison for our planet,” European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said in a speech last year. Yesterday, the European Commission put forward a proposal for new

The New Aesthetic

The New Aesthetic by Yasmin Jones-Henry “Only 7% of homes in England offer basic accessibility, let alone combine accessibility with a beautiful living environment” – (Financial Times, 2022) Can we

2022: The Reckoning (For UK Fashion & Luxury FDI)

The world of global textiles manufacturing and foreign direct investment is a dark and debt ridden place. I should know, as a journalist I have written extensively on it over the years, tracking the data and writing reports for the Financial Times.

Culture Under Quarantine III: Film & The Power of Storytelling

Culture Under Quarantine III Film & The Power of Story Telling By James Levelle The third most intense hurricane in American history had struck and we were miles from safety. Things

Culture Under Quarantine I: End of An Era vs New Beginnings

Culture Under Quarantine I Culture Under Quarantine: End of an Era vs New Beginnings by Kitty Dinshaw Six months ago, even imagining what culture would look like in an age

We Should All Be Activists

We Should All Be Activists  by Yasmin Jones-Henry The most beautiful thing about humanity – the most powerful thing about the human race is our ability to create. The power

Functionality vs The Aesthetic III : The Trilogy (2019)

If something is flawed or broken – it can be redrawn or reconfigured, or repurposed or recycled into something new. We have the power to reorder our universe. At least that’s what my Father taught me, and I believe him. The problem is society has downgraded creativity as an extra – superfluous skill – as opposed to the bedrock of human survival.

#WorkinFashion Presents: Everybody Everyone

Veronica Chou is not your average entrepreneur. This is not your average start up. With her new collection made out of recycled food waste and regenerative materials... naturally I had one or two questions...

Paradise Row x Venetia Berry

Paradise Row x Venetia Berry The Hourglass Collection ‘I hope people take away from this collection (both men and women) a better understanding of the pressures women feel from society

#WorkinFashion Presents: Venetia Berry

Artist Venetia Berry explores what it truly means to make 'ethical' art, and discusses what she thinks Millennials want from the interiors/lifestyle sector.

WorkinFashion Presents: Thread Tales

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In Conversation with Simone Rocha & Sarah Mower MBE

In Conversation with Simone Rocha & Sarah Mower MBE By Yasmin Jones-Henry As a millennial (lord knows I loathe starting sentences this way…) I grew up during the 2000’s where

Fixing Fashion: Where Do We Go From Here?

“The consumer has the power to fire every single one of you: From the CEO to the staff on the shop floor” Megan Higgins, PWC Luxury Analytics Specialist (2019) We

What’s in a White Shirt?

The Millennial’s Guide To The Working Wardrobe (series) By Yasmin Jones-Henry Introduction While working in internal recruitment I can recall making a very difficult phone call to a candidate explaining

Work in Fashion Presents: The Sound Principle

The Sound Principle: Errol Michael Henry in Conversation By Yasmin Jones-Henry The Artist & The Entrepreneur YJH: 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Intimate Records. What was your vision when

Functionality vs The Aesthetic:  The Evolution 

Functionality vs The Aesthetic: The Evolution “L’architecture est le grand livre de l’humanité , l’expression principale de l’hommé à ses divers états de dévelopment, soit comme force, soit comme intelligence.”

A Sustainable Revolution  By Yasmin Jones-Henry

A Sustainable Revolution By Yasmin Jones-Henry April 22nd-28th sees the annual #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign spearheaded by Fashion Revolution, a non profit organisation founded in response to the Rana Plaza disaster of

WorkinFashion Presents: Sarah Mower MBE

#WorkinFashion Presents: Sarah Mower MBE by Yasmin Jones-Henry   YJH: What made you choose a career in journalism? SM: It’s funny – fashion journalism just became what I was able

I’ll Be OK – Just Give Me a Minute

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Brave New Worlds: Review

Brave New Worlds: The Changing Landscape of Fashion By Yasmin Jones-Henry   In November 2016, when I published my first ever article “Functionality vs The Aesthetic” on, I had

#ThePowerOfOne: Pure London AW19

#ThePowerOfOne: Pure London AW19 by Yasmin Jones-Henry There was an air of seriousness that hung over the stalls at the Sunday installment of the Pure London 2019AW show at Kensington

‘Sans Filter’: The Visual Diet

‘Sans Filter’: The Visual Diet by Yasmin Jones-Henry   ‘Sans Filter’ is the best way to describe Marine Tanguy. ‘Woman On a Mission’ is another. Our conversation is the equivalent

In Defence of Millennials

In Defence of Millennials By Yasmin Jones-Henry Listen up Baby Boomers:  Millennials care about lifestyle. We care about interiors. We care about design. We love the aesthetic too. I don’t

WorkinFashionPresents: The Sustainable Angle

The Sustainable Angle by Yasmin Jones-Henry Fashion has a future. After the fire and brimstone that 2018 unleashed with heightened levels of press scrutiny into the modern day slavery, pollution

Have Consumers Fallen Out of Love with Fast Fashion?

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Confessions of a Shoe Addict by Adjoa Hennessey

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Art Lovers & Art Collectors: The Next Generation

Art Lovers & Art Collectors: The Next Generation by Kitty Dinshaw     As the world changes, so too must the art-world. Galleries can no longer rely on being exclusive

Work in Fashion Presents: Intoart

Intoart Interview with Co-Founder Ella Ritchie By Yasmin Jones-Henry   YJH: What inspired you to launch Intoart in 2001? ER: Myself and Sam Jones founded Intoart in response to a

WorkinFashion Presents:  Emma Willis MBE Presents: Emma Willis MBE By Yasmin Jones-Henry What is Fashion For? In the first ever article on Functionality vs The Aesthetic (Nov 2016) I asked this very question.

If It’s Not Ethical: It’s Not Fashion

If It’s Not Ethical: It’s Not Fashion By Yasmin Jones-Henry Words matter. What we choose to say, the phrases we apply to communicate our intentions are critical elements to the

Natalie Massenet: Creating a Legacy

Natalie Massenet: Creating a Legacy By Yasmin Jones-Henry   In Platforms and Protégés, I noted the need for philanthropy to move out of the realm of celebrity donations – and into

Work in Fashion Presents: 85˚ Paris

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Work In Fashion Presents: Héritier Frères

Work In Fashion Presents: Héritier Frères By Yasmin Jones-Henry Héritier Frères: A brief history I met with the founder Sophie Goldsztejn at Pure London in Kensington earlier this month. Walking

“And The Walls Came Tumbling Down…”

“And The Walls Came Tumbling Down…” By Yasmin Jones-Henry What is Fashion For? Sometimes, in order to reform something you need to tear it down. Rip it out of the

Citizens of Hope: The World Refashioned

You want to win at life? All confidence is borne out of hope. Faith is borne out of hope. Imagination is the brainchild of hope.  Hope makes everything possible.

WorkinFashion Presents: ATELIER MOLINARI

WorkinFashion Presents: Atelier Molinari by Yasmin Jones-Henry The Age of The Artisan is upon us. Not only in fashion, but in many other sectors across international business, recent world events

WorkInFashion Presents: Pinatex® By Yasmin Jones-Henry

WorkInFashion Presents: Pinatex® By Yasmin Jones-Henry I was asked the other day, why I write about ethical fashion. The answer was obvious, but only to those who understand what ethical

Platforms and Protégés by Yasmin Jones-Henry

Platforms and Protégés By Yasmin Jones-Henry “Encouragement is a powerful thing, you never know what others will create with it.” By the time I have finished writing this article, it

WorkInFashion Presents… Action Aid: The Survivors’ Runway

Work In Fashion Presents…Action Aid: The ‘Survivors’ Runway’ by Yasmin Jones-Henry The Stats 70 million girls worldwide are estimated to have been married before the age of 18, many of

The Converted Closet by Yasmin Jones-Henry

Work In Fashion Presents… The Converted Closet by Yasmin Jones-Henry Fast Fashion, fast food, fast life… with one click of a button we can acquire a brand new look with

Work In Fashion Presents… Taikka by Yasmin Jones-Henry

Work In Fashion Presents: Taikka By Yasmin Jones-Henry   Note to self: When Courtney Fingar texts you on a Friday night and asks if you “fancy going to a Russian’s

We Dress, We Work, We Win By Yasmin Jones-Henry

We Dress, We Work, We Win By Yasmin Jones-Henry   ‘Facta Non Verba’ was the slogan inscribed on my school uniform and beneath the school crest of my primary school

We Need To Talk About the ‘F’ Word By Yasmin Jones-Henry

We Need To Talk About the ‘F’ Word By Yasmin Jones-Henry   ‘Oh No She Didn’t!’ is the phrase that springs to mind. ‘You have got to be joking me!’

Work In Fashion Presents: Elliot Rhodes by Yasmin Jones-Henry

Work In Fashion Presents: Elliot Rhodes By Yasmin Jones-Henry   ‘The right to self determination is a fundamental human right’. I have said this so many times on that I

When The World Is Not Enough by Yasmin Jones-Henry

When The World Is Not Enough By Yasmin Jones-Henry As I write this, there is a syringe filled with ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ amongst a plethora of other chemicals too long to

Dressing The Part For Every Situation

Dressing The Part For Every Situation  By Amanda Shipley Situational dressing.  It’s become my calling card.  It’s what I do. It’s what I love. And it’s what inspires others or

In The Name of Industry: “Made in Britain” by Yasmin Jones-Henry

In The Name of Industry: “Made in Britain” By Yasmin Jones-Henry We are on the cusp of a revolution folks. Call me patriotic but there are so many reasons to