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Yasmin Jones-Henry is the founder of Citizens of Hope, the Editor-in-Chief of, Strategist and Journalist writing for the Financial Times, House &
Garden UK and the Guardian. Her specialism covers macroeconomics, sustainable luxury and ethical fashion.


In November 2016, after leaving her associate role at the Financial Times selling their macroeconomic databases (FT Specialist: The Banker Database) to banks, investors and private equity firms, Yasmin launched as a platform to bring the worlds of investment and sustainable design together, producing features and stories about the latest innovations in sustainable textiles and the development of a new collective of VC funds venturing into the realm of investing in sustainable start ups.


“I noticed there was a huge demand for industry intel, but a lack of content on the topic, so I sought to fill the void,” Yasmin explains. “Over the last 3 years I found myself hearing the same questions, and having the same conversations with designers and entrepreneurs who had great ideas and brilliant products, but they didn’t know how to talk to investors or how to develop their products further. Similarly, I had impact investors with portfolios crying out for new and exciting projects – but with such little information on what sustainability actually means – there’s been a hesitation in the financial world to take this interest further. In December 2017 I wrote about the concept of Citizens of Hope and creatives coming together to collaborate to refashion the world.  With C.O.H I wanted to create a forum of sorts where the artisan and the investor can combine forces to implement the social changes they wish to see – through design.”


At Citizens of Hope our main objective is to assist creatives in getting their design solutions to market. We offer consultancy services and a network where we will also be hosting workshops and forums for both start ups and investors. We are building a community of social entrepreneurs, sustainable lifestyle brands and impact investors: Join Us.





To learn more about our ethos read ‘Citizens of Hope: The World Refashioned’

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