Ayni “Fabiana” Jacket

Ayni x 85 Paris





This cropped oversized fluffy cardigan is cut to be worn as coat or jacket. Think of a non-fur coat, soft and feminine, warm and elegant. The Peruvian alpaca is kept loosely knitted for complete flexibility of the cable thread. It is hand knitted by communities in the Cuzco region in Peru, under ethical conditions.

Composition: Alpaca blend, natural colour dyes.

The Peruvian alpaca is a noble creature, with a smooth and elegant walk, member of the south American dromedaries. It inhabits the high andean zone, 3800 m above sea level. They are gently shorn by hand and only once a year during the warmer season.
You only need one alpaca to make up to five sweaters, while it takes four goats to produce sufficient cashmere for a single sweater.


Small / Medium

Model in wears: size S / M
Model’s height: 173 cm / 5’5”


The best method, recommended as the best choice, is hand washing. This because wool products can shrink if the temperature change. So the greater the temperature change and/or agitation, the greater the risk of shrinking and felting. A delicate wash and lower temperature setting is generally less risky. Dry flat, do not tumble dry.


AYNI is a Peruvian turn of phrase, meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me.” With this in mind, the brand integrates sophisticated Danish design with a production model that promotes conscientious living through exclusive high-quality Peruvian materials and ancient handcrafted practices to achieve a quality that is superior to industrially made products. More than 50% of the collection is handwoven by different communities in Peru.



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