Ayni “Tania” Jumper

Ayni x 85 Paris





Ruffled sleeves make this turtleneck jumper a fun and elegant must-have piece. It’s comfortable and elegant at the same time.  Handmade in a tight-knit, the material breathes and keeps warm, one of those ancient marvels of Peruvian alpaca.

Composition: 100% Alpaca, Handloom, Natural colour dyes.

Handknited by communities in the Cuzco region in Peru, under healthy and good conditions.

The Peruvian alpaca is a noble creature, with a smooth and elegant walk, member of the south American dromedaries. It inhabits the high andean zone, 3800 m above sea level. They are gently shorn by hand and only once a year during the warmer season. You only need one alpaca to make up to five sweaters, while it takes four goats to produce sufficient cashmere for a single sweater.


Medium and Small

Model wears: size S
Model’s height: 173 cm/5’5”


The best method, recommended as the best choice, is hand washing. This because wool products can shrink if the temperature change. So the greater the temperature change and/or agitation, the greater the risk of shrinking and felting. A delicate wash and lower temperature setting is generally less risky. Dry flat, do not tumble dry.



AYNI is a Peruvian turn of phrase, meaning “today for you, tomorrow for me.” With this in mind, the brand integrates sophisticated Danish design with a production model that promotes conscientious living through exclusive high-quality Peruvian materials and ancient handcrafted practices to achieve a quality that is superior to industrially made products. More than 50% of the collection is handwoven by different communities in Peru.




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